Nutrition during these trying times

I have decided to create this short post which deviates from my planned series to speak about COVID-19 and credible sources of nutrition information.

For those that are on social media, your feeds have likely been flooded with advice on ways to prevent you from catching COVID-19 with specific foods or supplements; unfortunately most of those sources are not reliable.  In some cases, the feeds are from what seems to be reputable sources (even a doctor) but it is important to know that there are people out there that may make recommendations that have not been scientifically proven. In other cases, the general public are sharing feeds as they think they are being helpful. Often they are doing so without knowing themselves that the information is not accurate.  

Dietitians of Canada has recently released a news article which reviewed the most common misinformation being shared called ” Advise for general public about COVID-19”. I would encourage you to take a look at the news release and SHARE.

Hopefully with better education we can reduce the amount of inaccurate information being shared.

Being home with your families is a great time to try new recipes for healthy meals together. Remember to wash your hands before and after cooking and eating.

Stay safe and socially distant 🙂

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