Mummy, why do we need to eat?

My journey into the blogging world started with my then five year old child using every delay tactic in the book to delay bedtime.  Her latest – “But Mummy, why do we have to eat?”  Smart girl; she knows as a Registered Dietitian and a foodie I will always take the opportunity to discuss food and healthy eating habits with her.

My answer was short and simple (so as to not let her win by delaying too long…).

“Our bodies run on fuel like a car and the food we eat gives us the energy we need to run and play and grow. We can talk about it more tomorrow, now it is bedtime”

After a couple of more delay tactics, “Can I have some water? I need to pee!” she was finally in bed with the lights out. But as I sat down to relax, I began to think, “Why do we have to eat?; How many people really have been taught this simple concept/idea?” If people do not truly understand the basics of why we must eat, how can they possibly sort through all of the masses of food/nutrition information out there?

Thus, the inspiration for this blog to try to explain in nutrition in simple terms and concepts. The first series will tackle why we need to eat and what types of foods we need. Hopefully this first series will help some readers out there better navigate all of the information out there and avoid falling into the food/diet/nutrition black hole of confusion.

So readers can anticipate what to expect, I believe in moderation and balance. I generally don’t subscribe to fad diets (some of which can be harmful) but do believe that as individuals we need to focus on what works for our own body’s and lifestyles.

Stay tuned to this site for the first series installment… Carbohydrates.

In the meantime, I found I could not start a blog about nutrition without first discussing what a Registered Dietitian, or RD is. Please see that post here called “Why do we even need Dietitians?”

I hope you enjoy this blog!

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